Interview with Bob Keeney, VOW Crew Leader

Bob KeeneyBob Keeney has been leading trail crews with VOW for well over a decade. He and another outstanding VOW crew leader, Steve Dean, were largely responsible for the huge success of the Lime Kiln trail. They spent long days hauling loads of gear up and down the trail, sometimes even camping out overnight on the trail.

Bob believes in hard work, teamwork and a spirit of camaraderie both on and off the trail. I appreciate Bob’s convivial luddite tendencies, politely declining email and computers for the old fashioned way of doing things, in person, face to face, hands touching earth, connecting deeply and assuredly.

Bob’s high quality work reflects VOW’s commitment to building trails that are sustainable and provide many generations with ample opportunities to savor Nature’s bounty. Bob epitomizes the spirit of VOW, caring for the Earth and caring for other people, helping people enjoy the wonders of nature and becoming more gentle and kind with one another.

I hope there are many young people reading this or parents who pass this on because we at VOW need more young people to become trail crew leaders like Bob Keeney.

Please consider signing up for a trail crew with Bob or any of our fine leaders. One of my favorite teachers, Gary Snyder told me, “it’s not what you achieve in this lifetime but how you pass it on that counts”.

-Aaron Silverberg Executive Director VOW

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